Monday, December 12, 2011


It would be exactly like this. But a baby.
El: Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: Do you realize that this Friday is our LAST SHOW FOREVER?
Mel: Of course not. We're just taking a Mel-ternity break for some...amount of be determined.
El: Exactly. You could have this baby and never want to perform again!
Mel: That seems unlikely. It's my most favorite thing.
El: But what if it's show time and you can't find a babysitter?
Mel: Then we'll go the Lady Gaga route...
El: ...and fashion the baby into a hat?
Mel: Yes. They say Hollywood starlets use babies as accessories. We will take that to a whole other level.
El: Phew. Ok. I see how it can all work together now.
Mel: In the meanwhile, we still have one more show to do.
El: We better make it a good one.
Mel: It's gonna be terrific...inappropriate stories! A brand new song! Me looking like a circus tent in heels!
El: You don't look like a circus tent in heels.
Mel: That's because I haven't put on the heels yet.
El: Good point.



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Mel & El: Our Time of the Month
Really bloody funny. Period.

When: Friday, December 16th at 7:00PM
Where: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street at Canal, NYC
Tickets: $15, NO food or drink minimums 
(but CRAZY delicious food and drink available!)
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Featuring our adorable composer Patrick Spencer Bodd playing every instrument!

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Join the hilarious musical comedy duo Mel & El for their pee-your-pants-funny show! Chosen as the Village Voice's BEST OF NYC and GO Magazine's Best of NY Comedy, prepare yourself for loads of the original music and comedy you've come to know and love from the two funniest bitches in town.

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