Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thank You (or, our Holy S#!t Moments)

Dance! Mel in a maternity snowsuit. El in a hooker's pajamas.
We don't toss around the word "Holy" the way Miss Oprah does. I mean, she has a meditation room and lunches with the Dalai Lama so we figure she's earned it. The closest we get to a Holy Moment is when we're on stage together performing songs like "Well Hung Fetus" and "I Wanna Marry A Dolphin". Maybe we should call them "Holy S#!t Moments". They are what make us happy and joyful and, we guess, that's as close to "Holy" as we're gonna get. Works for us! We've been lucky to have a whole lot of those moments this year and we have loved every single second of them. Except for that one show where...naw, we're grateful for that one, too.

Mel tries to be serious. El responds by leaning on an invisible fence. Patrick waits.
As the year comes to a close, we want to say that we are super, duper thankful for all y'all who come out to our live shows, read the blog, chat with us on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter and have checked out our brand new web series. Some of you are near and some of you are far, and we are thrilled that you take the time to reach out to us and share your wondrous Selves. We deeply appreciate the awesome folks that have had us on their shows, booked us at their venues and collaborated with us creatively. We love living in this fabulous and bizarre City surrounded by such incredibly talented people who like-a to make-a The Funny. 

We look so worried and concerned. But, really, we're having a good time.
In 2012, we plan to make the very first Mel & El Baby and then promptly take over the world a little bit. There shall be much traveling and singing and writing and sharing of every other inappropriate thought. In short, we envision lots of "Holy S#!t Moments" to come and look forward to having YOU on the journey. We wouldn't mind if Oprah joined us on the journey as well but she's busy shooting her Next Chapter. Yes, we've already programmed the DVR for it. And, yes, you are welcome to come over and watch.

Who loves pie? We do.
Happiness! Goodness! Cheer! Various holidays!

Mel & El

All photos from the December edition of "Our Time of the Month" at 92YTribeca courtesy of Asa Williams

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