Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vocabulary Lesson Number 22


* Today's lesson is more of a suggestion based on the unbelievable boredom we currently feel with seeing "LOL" written ever. 
It's a New Year. We need to switch it up.

LOTO \'lot-ohn: acronym which stands for Laughing On The Outside most often called upon to be used during electronic communication. Variations include LOTI (Laughing On The Inside) and L (Laughing) which we believe is all that's necessary when experiencing humor. Alternatively, one could just choose to physically laugh and move on. Or write "ha".

Mel couldn't believe it when her nephew posted a screen capture on Facebook after a particularly bizarre conversation that he had with Siri on his iPhone.  Although her head was exploding from the ridiculousness of the technology, it actually made her laugh. To demonstrate said laughter to her nephew, she commented "LOTO!" on his Facebook Wall. While the whole interaction made her feel slightly depressed about the state of The World, she took great comfort in the fact that she hadn't written "LOL".

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