Monday, January 23, 2012


"Why do Meryl Streep and I have to have careers at the same time?"
El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: Did you watch the Golden Globes?
Mel: I did. It's one of the only awards shows I can still manage to get through.
El: Agreed.
Mel: The love of our lives, Madonna, was a total freak show as usual.
El: I would expect and accept nothing less.
Mel: The arms, the accent and the pretentiousness all seemed to be working in concert with one another to form an Ever Present Awkward Madonna Moment.
El: Also, Johnny Depp seemed to be getting eaten alive by his own accessories.
Mel: Yeah. There was a lot of look there.
El: And did you see that Glenn Close movie that she was nominated for?
Mel: Not at all.
El: I just saw it and it was really well done.
Mel: What's it about?
El: It's called Albert Nobbs, and Glenn Close plays a woman in 19th century Ireland who disguises herself as a male butler to work at a fancy hotel.
Mel: So it's The Remains of the Day meets Yentl.
El: Actually, yes. 
Mel: You can imagine that pitch going extremely well in a Hollywood movie studio office...
El: ...which would explain why Glenn Close had to produce the movie herself.
Mel: And are we gonna talk about the fact that Glenn Close made a movie about a woman dressing as a man and it's called Albert...Nobbs?
El: Oh GOD. That's awful. I didn't even think of that. How could I not have thought of that?
Mel: Maybe if they went with Albert's Nobbs it would have been an easier sell.
El: Maybe we should produce that as the porn-y version. 
Mel: We most definitely should. It's gonna be a huge hit.
El: Get Hollywood on the line. Tell them we're on our way!

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Dennis Murdock said...

Yentl? Is that the soup movie?