Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can't we be proud in August?

You know what is almost as amazing as equal rights? Photoshop.
Mel: Hey, El?
El: Yes, Mel?
Mel: I missed Pride.
El: Come again?
Mel: Gay Pride. In June. I was busy...with a baby. But now I'm BACK!
El: You're BACK!
Mel: And everyone is busy being proud on Fire Island and in the Hamptons and on Atlantis Gay Cruises in the Baltic.
El: And here you are in NYC...waving a sad little rainbow flag all alone.
Mel: Correct. What's a girl to do?
El: Why don't we use our next show to express our feelings about gayness as well as lots of other stuff?
Mel: Yes! It's OUR show. And we can do whatever we like!
El: We will not be oppressed by the restrictiveness of Only-Pride-In-June!
Mel: We will have Pride in August!
El: It's a crap month if you ask me so I think we're doing a good thing by adding some spirit to it.
Mel: Great. What will we call the show to alert people to the fact that it is gay-ish?
El: How about 'Mel & El: Our HOMOSEXUAL Time of the Month'?
Mel: I think that's awkward on a lot of levels.
El: What about 'Gay Time with Mel & El'.
Mel: Please see my previous sentence.
Mel: Correct. We have a winner.
El: Now we just need to make a really gay show.
Mel: That's not gonna be difficult, El. It's always pretty gay.
El: 'Mel & El: Pretty Gay'.
Mel: Yeah.

Write it down.
Call a friend.
Let's do this, People.

(Get your tickets HERE)

With our very hysterical and entirely gay special guest BEN LERMAN!




* And, remember, if you'd like to celebrate any kind of Life Happening (birthday, bridal shower, divorce, coming out) at the show, just bring a group of 6 or more and the Celebra-tee will receive a personalized RAP from Mel & El. It's a hoot. Email melandel@melandel.com for more details.

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Matt Hein said...

Dallas Pride is in September. Take this really gay show on the road and extend your Pride for another month!