Monday, July 2, 2012

Mel & El & Current Events

It was a simpler time.
El: Um, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: Did you hear about...
Mel: ...the fact that the Supreme Court upheld Obama's health care reform?
El: Er...yeah...but also about TomKat?!
Mel: There was no way to live and breathe and not hear about that.
El: Do you think she'll be Katie Holmes again instead of 'Kate Cruise'?
Mel: Riiiiiight. Remember when the 'Kate Cruise' memo went out?
El: I wish that if I decided to change my name that all news outlets would get some kind of fax about it.
Mel: Yeah, like "Attention all News and Entertainment Media, 'El' shall now be referred to as 'Jazz'.
El: Why would I ever change my name to 'Jazz'?
Mel: I have no idea. I was just going with a hypothetical.
El: Well, it was ridiculous.
Mel: It's five hundred degrees out. My brain is boiling. Leave me alone.
El: Fine.
Mel: Anyway, we shouldn't be joking about The Cruise Family because Xenu is watching.
El: Well, maybe Xenu and his followers would like to come to our show!
Mel: I think we're too sarcastic for Scientology.
El: Good point. Are there funny Scientologists? Only Serious Scientologists come to mind.
Mel: I need to end this conversation before we get put in Scientolo-jail.
El: But tell people that our next show is coming up soon and it's gonna be a doozer.
Mel: Really, a 'doozer'?
El: A Tom-Cruise-er!
Mel: Your brain is boiling. Be quiet.


(And, apparently, it's gonna be a doozer.)

** And - remember - if you are celebrating a special occasion,
bring a group of 6 or more to the show and you will receive a personalized RAP!
(Email for details!) **

Get your tickets HERE

With special guest Ophira Eisenberg (NPR's Ask Me Another, The Moth)

THURSDAY, JULY 12TH (The middle of July!)

7PM (The perfect time!)

92YTRIBECA (The best kept secret slightly below Canal Street!)


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