Monday, March 22, 2010

You're Very Welcome

As you learned a few days ago, we were on a Muthaf****n Gay Boat all last week. On our sojourn, we learned quite a bit, ourselves. Mostly anthropological things. Here are those things. They have been bullet pointed for your pleasure:

1) This is not a bathing suit. It's a gaything suit:

2) If one wears a gaything suit, they are bound to end up with these tan lines:

3) If a "Mel" is left in the sun too long, it becomes delirious & doesn't remember to rub in its sunscreen:

4) If an "El" is left on a gay cruise for too long & mixed with vodka, it begins to wear a sequin turban:

5) You're Very Welcome.

1 comment:

Chris Ayers said...

After seeing the sequined hat, I may have to rescind my prior position on the sexiness of turbans. If there'd only been some hot coulotte action to go along with it, I'd have to lie down.