Monday, March 8, 2010

We're On a Muthaf*****n Boat!

We just had to share that we're on a boat. A boat, people. A big ass boat in the middle of the Caribbean. A boat filled with thousands of lovely gay men who are gay cruisin'. And we're gonna perform for them all week. We're pretty flippin' excited about it & are taking turns singing Andy Samberg's "I'm On a Boat (ft. T-Pain)" - where Mel does the rap part - and reenacting Titanic - where El uses an ax to cut Mel free from her handcuffs in the bowels of the ship. The staff has asked us to stop doing both of those things.

We're thinking about you all the time & brought our camera and FlipCam to document every bit of ridiculousness and fun. We don't know what kind of ridiculousness and fun we're gonna document sailing around the Caribbean with 2,500 shirtless gay men, but we'll do our best.

In our absence, we will survive. And if you want to bring a small piece of us into your lives to fill the void, you can do so by clicking HERE to buy our invaluable CD - Mel & El: She's My Bitch - or click HERE to get tickets to our CD Release-A-Palooza at Joe's Pub on 4/4/10. Both things are not to be missed. And if you're lucky, at the show, we'll reenact the part in Titanic where Leo sketches Kate.*

Mel & El

*That's never going to happen. But come anyway.

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Chris Ayers said...

So, does the fact you're on a boat with thousands of gay men mean there will be, ahem, "European style" sunbathing and, more importantly, will that be documented on film and/or video.

Just curious.