Monday, March 29, 2010

Viva La Revolucion!

Hey. This is Mel. El & I are up to our ears in preparations for our big, fat Joe's Pub show this coming Sunday. It was time to be all clever 'n shiz on our blog and we realized all of our Clever Juice had been used up in our extensive rehearsals. I hate when the Clever Juice runs out and I no longer have any kind of personality. It's boring to the people around me and, mostly, my own self.

That said, I want to mention on the blog (because I don't think mentioning things via Facebook or Twitter is nearly enough) that at our show in New Hope, PA last night someone bought the "Get Out" panties off of El's...own self. She had worn them in the show and now they are in a very lovely and brave ladies house. I hope she has a washer/dryer. Or a sink. And that the panties are currently in one of those places. I don't know if the selling of the underwear officially makes us hookers or officially makes us really smart.

But that was not our only rock-star moment last night. We also had the first two people in the history of our show walk out midway through! They were older folks (which is irrelevant as many an old folk has enjoyed our business). We might have discussed some lurid details from a particular moment we experienced in a steam room during our recent gig on a Gay Cruise and that might have been a little...much....for this nice couple. I don't blame them one bit for clinging to each other for their lives and then running out. That's the exact same reaction El & I had in the steam room (clinging, running). But now we'd like to be referred to as Mel & El Guevara* because we are pretty much rabid revolutionaries. We speak our minds people. And the (geriatric) man can't keep us down no more. 

In conclusion, we are now hookers who sell our panties and political activists who will not be appreciated in our own time. It's hard to be as complex as we are, but we're coping. If you wanna cope with us live and in person, come down to Joe's Pub this coming Sunday (which is also called Easter in some circles) and join us for MEL & EL: She's My Bitch (The CD Release-A-Palooza). It's gonna change the world.

Mel (& El)

*I'm sure I just offended someone by glorifying the name of Che Guevara. But, apparently, a lot of kids on St. Marks think he's cool enough to put on a t-shirt, and I did Evita in High School and Che Guevara has a really good singing voice. Also I sat through all 18 hours of the Steven Soderbergh movie version of Che's life when it was in the movie theatre and I'm pretty sure that gives me license to toss around his name even though I still don't have a firm grasp on where he falls on the moral landscape. I'm gonna go call Mandy Patinkin and see what he thinks.


Chris Ayers said...

So, we know that you'll sell the underwear right off your, um, person. But how do you feel about underwear flung onto the stage, Tom Jones-style?

'Cause I've got a pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers (gently used) that I've been itching to fling at just the right act.

Mel and El said...

Chris - come to our show and you can TOTALLY throw your man panties (or manties) at Mel.


Chris Ayers said...

Woo Hoo!!! Now all I need are (a) tickets, (b) airfare to the show & (c) a written affadavit that I won't get pepper sprayed.

Or, you could, you know, bring your show to North Carolina & all I'll need are (a) and (c).

Mel and El said...

Tell us which venue in North Carolina you think would be right for us and we'll work on it!

Chris Ayers said...

There's many, many clubs in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area that would work.

Cat's Cradle in Carrboro (which is basically Chapel Hill) would be a good place to start.

Or maybe The Pour House in Raleigh.

These are both venues that feature an eclectic mix of acts & provide an intimate setting.

Plus, the roughly 5,000 colleges in the area (I'm only estimating...I might be over by a couple) provide a built in audience for live music & comedy. There's also Charlie Goodnights, which is the main comedy club in Raleigh.

You ask for one, I give you three. That's who I am...I'm a giver!!

Mel and El said...

Love it, Chris. Don't be surprised if we show up on your doorstep with a toothbrush and an Aerobed.

Chris Ayers said...

You bring the stuff to make Smores & I'll get out Mystery Date & Twister and we'll make a slumber party out of it!