Monday, March 1, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson Number 9


IKYK \i-'kay-wi-kay\ abbreviation: I Know You Know. Used primarily in written form - be it Instant Message or Text Message - that lets the other party know that you know that they know a thing even though you're about to say it anyway.

IKYK but I was being bitchy yesterday b/c my boss was annoying me, not because of anything you had said.

No matter how many drinks you have, please don't mention anything to my fiancee about The Crabs Incident. IKYK. 

(What's your secret IM/Text abbreviation? Comment below or Tw-Tw-Twitter us here.)

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Chris Ayers said...

My secret abbreviation is "BYH" which stands for "Bless Your Heart." Being Southern, I'm afflicted with terminal politeness, so when somebody says something totally stupid I have a hard time letting them know it. But "Bless Your Heart" in Southern translates into: "You're a complete moron who's taking up oxygen from actual thinking human beings and you should be pummeled with a sack of doorknobs."

Here's an example:
Friend: I think Glen Beck makes some good points.

It's the ultimate in passive/aggressive disdain.