Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays

Dear People,

I never thought I'd be someone who talked about the weather, but I do. A lot. I talk about what the weather has been, what it currently is and what it might be. I talk about the different people who talk about the weather and whether or not they have any idea what they're talking about (answer: no, they don't). I consult NY1 and before I make a move. I might even text a friend and say "How is it out there?" while I debate my t-shirt-with-a-heavy-jacket vs. long-sleeved-shirt-with-a-lighter-jacket-plus-a-scarf option.

With all of that time dedicated to understanding how many layers I need to wear, I still found myself walking home in the rain last night with no umbrella. Somehow in the blur of finding out that it was going to be 80 degrees, I failed to take note of the big pictures of puffy grey clouds with water pouring out of them that appeared on the aforementioned websites as well as the main screen on my phone. To rub in it, on that wet walk home my phone also displayed graphics of raindrops pouring over my apps. My phone is obviously a jerk.

El and I grew up primarily in South Florida where there were no daily weather issues to negotiate except how miserably hot it was going to be. Unless you planned to actually remove your skin, there was nothing you could do to prepare for it and no way to fix it. On the rare occasion that a hurricane came through, you simply buried yourself below a mattress that you had shoved into your bathroom and you crossed your fingers. No. Big Deal.

But the combination of The Volatile Northeastern Weather and The Global Warming are driving me nertz. By the time I figure out how to dress for Wednesday, it's already Friday. I can't keep up. So I give up. I'm going to embrace my inability to dress myself appropriately for the weather in the same way I've embraced my inability to drive, play sports or get into The Office. So, now I'm gonna go put on an arbitrary combination of seasonal clothing and head out. Wish me luck!


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Mel and El said...

Dear Mel,

I always have an umbrella with me, I loved the South Florida heat, and I ADORE The Office. How are we best friends?

Love you,