Monday, April 4, 2011

Sand and Glitter: A Gay Cruise Photo Essay

The Ask Me, Tell Me military-themed T-dance. We could totally be in the Army.
Actually, they could totally be in the Army.
With the ever witty Bruce Vilanch.
On a windy ferry (see vertical bangs), Mel made Party Face while El made Nature Face... then Mel made Nature Face while El made Party Face. The woman behind them is over it.
With the ever pretty Sherry Vine (who is also making Party Face).
And this is what you wear to a Disco T-Dance. In case you were wondering.
We've learned the hard way that "Unisex" bathroom doesn't mean what you think it means.
With the ever gritty Alan Cumming. He's the one without balls on his head. At least in this picture.
Oh, and there were two other women on the boat. Good. Good.
Mel & El


Joe said...

Hi Mel & El,
I noticed the one pic that had Sherry Vine in it with you two...I am the guy that snapped it for you. We had just finished watching Ms Vine's show & you asked me to take the pic. See, I told you that would be the one to post. I just subscribed to your page...hope to hear from you soon! We had such fun on the cruise!

Mel and El said...

Hello Joe! Thanks so much for taking the picture. It WAS a good one :) We had a blast on the ship, as well. We are still dreaming about it. Until next time!