Monday, April 18, 2011


Mel: El?
El: Yes, Mel?
Mel: I had a dream last night that I ate bread.
El: Get out of me. Last night, I literally had a dream about eating a sandwich. 
Mel: Do me a favor and do not describe that sandwich at all.
El: I will not.
Mel: Also, all of my muscles and other parts are entirely sore.
El: That's because we've been working out like rock stars.
Mel: I guess that's better than being sore for no particular reason.
El: But we don't want to be those annoying bird-bone people who are all "I ate a carrot today and, boy, am I full".
Mel: Or people who tell stories about their quirky and lovable "personal trainers".
El: We are so not those people. 
Mel: Except that we totally are right now.
El: But it's a good thing! We are getting stronger and healthier with Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness.
Mel: I like him 'cause he's very smart about everything.
El: I like him 'cause he curses and has a nice smile.
Mel: And we're working our butts off for a concentrated amount of time - boot-camp style.
El: We are Snatched in Six Weeks!
Mel: By the way, why is his fitness program called that? I feel shy even saying the title. It's porn-y.
El: I have no idea.
Mel: Great. Glad we could have this chat.
El: Yeah. You know...I just keep talking to you because I'm too sore to try to stand up.
Mel: Likewise. But now I'm quite hungry so I'm gonna go have a carrot.
El: Try not to spoil your dinner.
Mel: There aren't enough carrots in the world, El.
El: I know it, Mel. I know it. 

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