Monday, April 11, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson Number 16


GAYJA VU \'gey-zhah 'voonoun: The uncanny or eerie experience of being sure you've met a particular gay man when you haven't. Or have you?

At Therapy, I yelled "Chad!" very loudly from one end of the bar to the other, but then I realized it was a totally different guy with the same trendy haircut and adorable face. It was a tragic case of gayja vu.

Guess what else? 

We're starting a crazy ol' boot camp today called Snatched in Six Weeks. It's all healthy eatin' and butt kickin' workouts with a super positive spin by fitness guru Mark Fisher (he's the sexy brunette above). Check him out here and get ready to hear all about our exploits. 

We will be sharing the glory (Reaching our goals! Having more energy!) and the horrendous-ness (Being so sore we can't climb the subway stairs! Sticking to a food plan during a Passover Seder!) so consider yourself warned.

Mel & El 

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