Monday, August 29, 2011

Chips Ahoy and Cheez-Whiz

Dear New Yorkers and also The World,

We're so glad the destruction was less than expected, and now we've about had it with this hurricane. We don't need to hear anything more about it. Not from the news (except to learn when the subways will begin to run) and not from Facebook (except when we post a link about this blog post on Facebook). But, really, then...we're done. Done.

In preparation for The Weather System Who Shall Not Be Named, El couldn't manage to buy a battery that would work in her radio and Mel couldn't manage to buy a flashlight. What we could manage to do was take several trips to the grocery store to make sure our food rations were in proper supply to "hunker" and "bunker" and "weather" and such. We managed to load up on beer, wine, lemonade, hummus, pretzels, crackers, cookies and pasta as well as cheeses in string, shredded, block and Whiz form. Much of this food was consumed while waiting for it to rain, the rest will be consumed while waiting for the MTA to get back on track. 

We are both in a serious food coma and leave you to contemplate the mysteries of Mother Nature and why New York City experienced an earthquake and a hurricane in one week. If thinking too hard brings on the need for beer or cookies, just let us know. We have plenty in stock...for now.

Mel & El

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