Monday, August 1, 2011

Conversations While Cruising - Part 1

And, to your left, you will see a bunch of rocks where people once did stuff.

El: Hey, Mel?
Mel: Yes, El?
El: I can't believe we're in Rome and about to set off on a gay cruise to many European destinations!
Mel: It's very exciting.
El: What should we be sure to put on our agenda?
Mel: Well, there will be a lot of time in Italy so we should schedule plenty of eating.
El: Will we end up having to go to a store to buy clothes a size up because of all of our pasta and gelato consumption?
Mel: Yes, just like Julia Roberts and her friend in that movie about the Praying and the Loving.
El: If I never have to watch a scene in a Hollywood film where two very thin women lament their weight gain and act like they are trying to fit their completely flat stomachs into a pair of pants, it will be too soon.
Mel: Any sensible person (me) would just pack a pair of stretch pants.
El: Or several empire waist dresses that allow for enormous gut expansion (me).
Mel: Good thing we're so smart.
El: Ooh! I also wanna see lots of ruins.
Mel: Um...once you've seen one ruin, you've seen 'em all. It's a bunch of rocks where people used to farm or work or sleep that eventually got...ruined...for one reason or another.
El: Wow. You could totally quit your day job and become a Ruin Tour Guide in Europe.
Mel: If I can wear stretch pants at that job, I am all over it.

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