Monday, August 8, 2011

Conversations While Cruising - Part 2

This is almost exactly what we wore while visiting Tunisia.
Mel: Hey, El?
El: Yes, Mel?
Mel: Tell me the one thing that has been even better than visiting Rome, Florence, Nice, Tunisia, Barcelona and Ibiza?
El: That's Bar-the-lona and Ibi-tha.
Mel: Yeah, yeah.
El: Um...the fact that you got to visit all of those places with me?
Mel: Hmm...close. But no.
El: The fact that we visited a Souk in Tunis and managed to do impressions of Sarah Jessica Parker buying her indescribably cheap shoes in Sex and the City 2 for an hour straight without getting arrested?
Mel: Closer. But, still, no.
El: Ooh! I know it. Obviously, it was getting to perform on the same ship as Patti LuPone!
Mel: Correct!
El: Patti was in the building, people.
Mel: And her show was amazing. Although, I kept waiting for her to sing "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens".
El: I kept waiting for an Evita mega-mix with three hundred go-go boys dancing behind her to "A New Argentina".
Mel: I think we should go find her and ask for a private show of those two numbers.
El: I think that is an entirely realistic proposal. Where do you imagine we should look first?
Mel: There is only one Ladies Bathroom on this entire ship. If we stand in there long enough, she will eventually come in. Even Patti has to pee.
El: You could quit your day job and become a Private Investigator on Gay Cruise Ships.
Mel: I think I just did.

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Tim said...

One of my highlights was when you were seated at our table for dinner... even though we were finishing up. Loved your show, twice even!