Sunday, October 4, 2009


Mel: El?

El: Yes, Mel?

Mel: We have a problem.

El: Break it down for me.

Mel: Everyone keeps calling to ask if we really have Britney Spears as our opening act.

El: No way!

Mel: Way.

El: We have Britney Houston - the drag queen internet sensation who's much prettier than us.

Mel: I know that!

El: Well, our Britney can kick over her head & do splits. Everyone will love her.

Mel: Terrfic.

El: And they will love us for opening our show with someone so bendy.

Mel: In future, we'll communicate more clearly with our people.

El: How's this?

Mel: That's totally clear, if a bit abrasive.

El: Good enough.

Mel: I gotta go practice my splits.

El: Wait for me!!

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