Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Have Britney, People!

El: Is it true?

Mel: It's TRUE.

El: Britney is going to be at our Comix show?

Mel: She is! She really, really is!

El: I'm dying, I'm dying...

Mel: I'm DEAD.

El: I've been embalmed.

Mel: I'm in a mausoleum.

El: If people want to see her, they better get a ticket NOW.

Mel: That's so smart. Because if they buy now, not ONLY will they get to be in the same room as Britney, they will save $5 off the door price.
El: So we are GUARANTEEING Britney?

Mel: She is a done deal, my friend.

El: I'm decomposing.

Mel: I've already been reincarnated.

El: What did you come back as?

Mel: Britney's hooker-shoe.

El: I never knew you were such a fetishist.

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